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This Privacy Policy sets out the terms of collection, use, and disclosure of information (including personal information) that may be collected by Amtechbis Global Limited (MSMPUSHER or Us/We) from you at any time that you interact with MSMPUSHER (Information), including when you visit this website (Site), when you purchase or use any of the services available on the Site (Services), or when you call our sales or support associates. Unless contrary intention appears in the Terms of Service and any other Service Agreement, the Information collected/received by MSMPUSHER from you shall be used and protected in accordance with the terms set out hereunder.

(a)  The Personally Identifiable Information That You Provide

We receive and store any information you enter on our website or give us in any other way. You provide most of your information through forms you fill out to contact us, access the Msmpusher platform, and access MSMpusher assets. You also provide this information by filling out your profile on the MSMpusher platform.

If you register with the Service through our website at:, or through a separate subscription agreement with us, then as part of such registration we will ask you to provide personally identifiable information, including your name, your contact number, your company name, your email address and password.

As a paying user of the Service, we will receive your payment transaction details (for example, your name, the amount paid and the date of payment), from the payment service provider that processed your payment. When you contact us, or when we contact you, we will receive and process any personally identifiable information that you provide us.

(b) The Personally Identifiable Information That We Collect

Like many websites, we use “cookies” (link to section), and we obtain information when your browser accesses our website. Examples of the information we collect and analyze include the Internet Protocol (IP) address used to connect your access device to the Internet; login; e-mail address; password; access device and connection information such as browser type, version, and time zone setting, browser plug-in types and versions, operating system, and platform.

When you use the Service, we collect information about your Service activity, for example your log-in and log-out time, the duration of Service sessions, the content uploaded and downloaded, viewed web-pages or specific content on web-pages, activity measures and geo-location.

(c) The Personally Identifiable Information That You Upload

The content you upload to the Service, whether from your own device or from a cloud-based hosting service, including any data, text, graphic, audio and audio-visual files, may include personally identifiable information. The content that you upload and designate as public, will be accessible to others. Please use caution when uploading the content and avoid any involuntary disclosure of your personally identifiable information or disclosure of others’ personally identifiable information without their consent.

(d) What Do We Do with Personally Identifiable Information?

We use the personally identifiable information we collect and receive to provide the Service to you and to other users, to enable the Service’s tools and features, to study and analyze the functionality of the Service and users’ activities, to provide support, to measure Service activity for pricing purposes, to maintain the Service, to make it better and to continue developing the Service.

We will use your email address to contact you when necessary, to send you reminders and to provide you information and notices about the Service. We will include commercial and marketing information about our Service and related services to the MSMpusher platform.

We obey the law and expect you to do same. If necessary, we will use your personally identifiable information to enforce our terms, policies and legal agreements, to comply with court orders and warrants, and assist law enforcement agencies, to collect debts, prevent fraud, misappropriation, infringements, identity thefts and any other misuse of the Service, and to take any action in any legal dispute and proceeding.

We commit to process personally identifiable information solely for the purposes described in this policy.

(e) Sharing Personally Identifiable Information with Others

We do not sell, rent or lease your personally identifiable information. We will share your personally identifiable information with service providers and other third parties, if necessary, to fulfill the purposes for collecting the information. Any such third party will commit to protect your privacy as required under the applicable law and this policy.

For example, we will share your payment transaction details with the payment services providers, to process and verify your payments. We will use a service provider to manage our message transmission.

We will also share your personally identifiable information with our affiliates. These mean companies within the Amtechbis Global Ltd. group and include subsidiaries, sister-companies and parent companies, with the express provision that their use of your personally identifiable information will comply with this policy.

We will report any content that you upload and share user personally identifiable information, if we believe, in our sole discretion that such content is illegal or abusive or may violate any third-party rights. Additionally, a merger, acquisition or any other structural change will require us to transfer your personally identifiable information to another entity, as part of the structural change, provided that the receiving entity will comply with this policy.

(f) Disclosure of Information to Authorities

We will need to disclose personally identifiable information in response to lawful requests by public authorities, including to meet national security or law enforcement requirements.

(g) Aggregated and Analytical Information

We use standard analytics tools. The privacy practices of these tools are subject to their own privacy policies and they use their own cookies to provide their service (for further information about cookies, please see the ‘Cookies’ section in this policy). We use the standard analytics tools of Google Analytics and we will use additional or other analytics tools, from time to time, to learn about how you and other users use the Service, in support of our Service-related activities and operations. The privacy practices of these tools are subject to their own privacy policies. See Google Analytics Privacy Policy at: We use anonymous, statistical or aggregated information and will share it with our partners for legitimate business purposes. It has no effect on your privacy because there is no reasonable way to extract data from the aggregated information that we or others can associate specifically to you. We will share your personally identifiable information only subject to the terms of this policy, or subject to your prior consent.

(h) Choice

At any time, you can unsubscribe our mailing lists or newsletters, by sending us an opt-out request to: At any time, you can stop using the MSMpusher website.

Termination of your MSMpusher Service account is subject to the terms of your subscription agreement with us. Note that if one of our customers upload content to our Service with your personally identifiable information, then you can contact our customer who uploaded that content and request to remove your personally identifiable information.

At any time, you can exercise your following opt-out options:

  • Object to the disclosure of your personally identifiable information to a third party, other than to third parties who act as our agents to perform tasks on our behalf and under our instructions; or,
  • Object to the use of your personally identifiable information for a purpose that is materially different from the purposes for which we originally collected such information, pursuant to this policy, or you subsequently authorized such use.

You can exercise your choice by contacting us at: We request and collect minimal personally identifiable information that we need for the purposes that we describe in this policy. Following the termination or expiration of the Service, we will stop collecting any personally identifiable information from or about you. However, we will store and continue using or making available your personally identifiable information according to our data retention section in this policy. Web browsers offer a “Do Not Track” (“DNT”) signal. A DNT signal is a HTTP header field indicating your preference for tracking your activities on a service or through cross-site user tracking. Our Service does not respond to DNT signals.

(i) Accessing Your Personally Identifiable Information

If you find that the information on your account is not accurate, complete or up-to-date, please provide us the necessary information to correct it. At any time, you can contact us at: and request to access the personally identifiable information that we keep about you. We will ask you to provide us certain credentials to make sure that you are who you claim to be and to the extent required under the applicable law, will make good-faith efforts to locate your personally identifiable information that you request to access.

If you are eligible for the right of access under the applicable law, you can obtain confirmation from us of whether we are processing personally identifiable information about you, and receive a copy of that data, so that you could –

  • Verify its accuracy and the lawfulness of its processing;
  • Request the correction, amendment or deletion of your personally identifiable information if it is inaccurate or if you believe that the processing of your personally identifiable information is in violation of the applicable law.

(j) Data Retention

We retain different types of personally identifiable information for different periods, depending on the purposes for processing the information, our legitimate business purposes as well as pursuant to legal requirements under the applicable law. For example, we will need to keep the information about the payment transactions that you made for several years due to tax related requirements, for accounts settling, record keeping, archiving and legal issues.

We will maintain your contact details, to help us stay in contact with you. At any time before or after the termination of your account, you can contact our privacy team at: and request to delete your contact details. Note that we may keep your details without using them unless necessary, and for the necessary period of time, for legal requirements and proceedings.

We will keep aggregated non-identifiable information without limitation, and to the extent reasonable we will delete or de-identify potentially identifiable information, when we no longer need to process the information.

In any case, as long as you use the Service, we will keep information about you, unless the law requires us to delete it, or if we decide to remove it at our discretion, according to the terms of this policy.

(k) Transfer of Data outside Your Territory

The Service is a web-based service. We store and process information on our cloud-based services’ sites. From time to time, we will make operational decisions which will have an impact on the sites in which we maintain personally identifiable information. We make sure that our data hosting service providers, provide us with adequate confidentiality and security commitments.

If you are a resident in a jurisdiction where transfer of your personally identifiable information to another jurisdiction requires your consent, then you provide us your express and unambiguous consent to such transfer. You can contact our privacy team at: for further information about data transfer.

(l) Cookies

Cookies are small files that a web server sends to a user’s device, when the user browses online. Your device removes session cookies when you close your browser session. Persistent cookies last for longer periods. You can view the expiry date of each cookie, through your browser settings.

We use both types. We use persistent cookies to remember your log-in details and make it easier for you to log-in the next time you access the Service. We use this type of cookies and Session Cookies for additional purposes, to facilitate the use of the Service’s features and tools.

Every browser allows you to manage your cookies preferences. You can block or remove certain cookies, or all of them through your browser settings. Please bear in mind that blocking or removing cookies will have an effect on your user experience with our Service. For example, you will need to re-enter your log-in details, or even prevent you from using features of the Service.

You can adjust your MSMpusher cookie preferences.

(m) Dispute Resolution

We do periodical assessments of our data processing and privacy practices, to make sure that we comply with this policy, to update the policy when we believe that we need to, and to verify that we display the policy properly and in an accessible manner. If you have any concerns about the way we process your personally identifiable information, you are welcome to contact our privacy team at:, or write to us. Our address is published on our website at: and, if applicable, is indicated in your subscription agreement with us.

We will look into your query and make good-faith efforts to resolve any existing or potential dispute with you.

(n) Changes to this Privacy Policy

From time to time, we will update this policy. If the updates have minor, if any, consequences, they will take effect 7 days after we post a notice on the Service’s website. Substantial changes will be effective 30 days after we initially posted the notice.

Until the new policy takes effect, if it materially reduces the protection of your privacy right under the then-existing policy you can choose not to accept it and terminate your use of the Service. Continuing to use the Service after the new policy takes effect means that you agree to the new policy. Note that if we need to adapt the policy to legal requirements, the new policy will become effective immediately or as required by law.

(o) Incorporation to the Terms of Use

This policy is an integral part of the MSMpusher Terms of Use or, if applicable, of any other Service subscription agreement entered into between you (or the entity that you are acting on its behalf) and us.

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Please contact our Privacy Compliance Team at: for further information.

Last updated: October 10, 2020.

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